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The Warmest Luxury Coats are Stylish, Functional and Made in Canada

The Warmest Luxury Coats are Stylish, Functional and Made in Canada

Just because winter is upon us, doesn’t mean we have to put our sense of style in the back of the closet. Winter outerwear doesn’t have to be bulky, unflattering and out of trend. Access to online marketing through social media platforms, websites and fashion blogs set trends and provides access to retailers specializing in the warmest luxury coats across the country. Whether you live in remote areas of the country or in sprawling urban centres, each Canadian has access to the latest styles of winter outerwear built to suit the harsh weather we encounter for five months of the year.


Duck and Goose Down: Nature’s Insulation

Internationally, Canadians are known for our resiliency in handling the cold weather. We deal with snow, freezing rain, high winds and extremely low temperatures and take it all in stride. Successful outerwear brands have online appeal to other countries with similar climates by supplying high quality products. The warmest luxury coats use goose or duck down to offer a light weight, compact and highly effective insulation. Many features of these stylish parkas, jackets and coats for men and women are truly functional. Take the Aurora design from Arctic Bay. This women’s parka has a sleek, but high neck zipper that protects the wearer from cold temperatures on the chest and neck without using a bulky scarf. With a 100% nylon shell and real coyote fur to trim the hood, these jackets can protect against temperatures as low as -45 degrees Celsius. Some will argue that the use of real fur instead of faux fur is unnecessary. The fact is faux fur does not perform in the same manner as real fur. The Inuit people living north of the Arctic Circle used coyote and seal hides in the earliest version of the parka. The coyote fur around the edge of the hood protects the face from cross wind and therefore prevents frost bite from taking hold. Faux fur does not prevent the wind in the same way. As a result, faux fur is less effective and solely for fashion purposes.

Warmest Luxury Coats Fit Winter

The fit of the warmest luxury coats on the market is also important. Bulky coats that are too large do not have the same efficiency controlling heat as a well-fitting parka or coat. Also, a coat that is too tightly fitting, will have the same effect as the down fibres will pull too tightly inside the coat and it will not perform as it should. So, if you are shopping online with a Canadian luxury coat retailer, how do you "try it on?” Thorough sites that specialize in online sales will have a comprehensive fitting chart with each model. Return policies are also very customer oriented and if jackets are the incorrect size you may exchange. Use the fitting guide to pick the right luxury coat for you. The warmest luxury coats are Canadian made. The quality of these jackets is higher than those purchased from overseas as the material is locally sourced and manufactured. This is very important with down jackets as the material is handled well before the jacket is crafted. Canadian made jackets do not require complex supply chain costs which reduces the carbon footprint on the environment. 

Stay warm this winter with the warmest luxury winter coats on the market. Search out Canadian made luxury winter coats made in Canada and see how you will be able to thrive in the harshest of weather mother nature can throw your way.


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